Johann Martínez


My primary interests lie in the Physics of Complex Systems, in which I explore & design applications of network science, time series, nonlinear dynamics along with data science projects in real and man-made systems (Neuroscience, Social, System Biology, among others).

I was impressed by research works showing how biological and man-made systems exhibit behaviors typically attributed to physical systems. Hence, I bet for transdisciplinary research to solve problems in a given field by resorting to tools from a prima facie completely different one. An innovative way to find new solutions with a different perspective. I've always worked in interdisciplinary teams when this involves computational implementations, mathematical developments, physics, and applications to relevant biological and/or social problems.

I'm a member of the Editorial Board of the Journal of Complex Networks. I'm part of the steering committee of the Latin American Conference on Complex Network (LANET),  Organizer of the Brain Networks Satellite @NetSci & En-Red-Ando, International school of nonlinear dynamics & networks.

J.H. Martínez. Intervención sobre un modelo en red. Artwork exhibited at Neuromancia. International Year of Science. Madrid, Spain 2013

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